Signed Videos, first installment

I have been asked to start making videos of me signing parts of the Liturgy and hymns, so that my potential future students can watch them. They are on YouTube, if anyone else wants to make use of them. Please feel free to show them, share them, and request others. They are American Sign Language, without audio, with French captions.

The first video is of the French version of the “Common Doxology”:

The next video is of the Lord’s Prayer/Notre Père:

Hopefully these are useful to you, or at least interesting.


Introducing Evangeline

Sorry it has been sooo long since we uploaded a video. But never fear – here is #3 in the series. This time, you get to meet Evangeline – Eva for short – our second-oldest, and our only girl. Hope you enjoy!

Introducing Kaj Erik McDermott!

We are excited to introduce to the world Kaj Erik McDermott! He was born this morning at 8:24, and was 6lbs, 11oz and 19-3/4in long. Mother and child are recovering well, and the grandparents and siblings have all been to visit.

Thank you for all the prayers and messages of encouragement! We look forward to introducing him to you in person. Look for more videos introducing the rest of the family in weeks to come.