On the Road Again!

Guess what?!

We are moving – again!


I (Ryan) have been given a new job title and reassigned to a new location. My new job is as Regional Deaf Ministry Facilitator for West and Central Africa. This means that I will visit our partner churches in this area and help them to identify and develop opportunities for Deaf ministry in their communities. I will also teach courses on Deaf ministry and basic sign language at the Centre Luthérien d’Études Théologiques (CLET) – the regional seminary in Dapaong, Togo. A third part of my duties will be to be available to teach theology courses at the CLET and/or offer continuing education programs as requested by our partner churches in this region.

In order to make this work possible, we need to learn French. In order to learn French, we are moving to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. We are going to be leaving our house in Accra about this time next week, Lord willing. Once we settle in Ouagadougou, we will study for a year there, alongside our fellow missionary Molly Christensen. Then, Lord willing, we will move to Dapaong, Togo, to take up the new work set before us.

This is a time of much transition and turmoil, for us and our children, for our fellow missionaries, and for the national churches and pastors alongside whom we serve. Please pray for us! Pray:

  • that our transition from Accra to Ouagadougou goes as smoothly as possible
  • that our language learning process would be blessed by God
  • that these exciting new opportunities to serve would prove fruitful and build up the Kingdom of God
  • that our children would adapt and adjust well, and that we would have the wisdom to guide and lead them in the best way
  • that our support network would keep growing, so that money worries do not inhibit our learning

Thank you all for coming along on this wild ride we call missionary service! Please pray, but also please stay in contact. We love to hear from our friends and loved ones in the US, and we can make contact with you, one way or another.


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