“Making Religious Comments”

The martyrdom of Stephen

The martyrdom of Stephen

I have seen two pieces of news lately that, when set side by side, make a very odd picture of the Church.

First is the news from Kenya about the killing of 147 and wounding of 104 at Garissa University. It is reported that the killers targeted Christians for executions as they went about on their grisly errand. These faithful souls were martyed at the hands of al-Shabaab militants, but they held the good confession, and they were blessed to celebrate the Paschal feast in the presence of their King.

Second is news reported from Ho, Ghana, where theĀ Chairman of the Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI), Apostle Dr Stephen Kwame Amoani, has admonished Ghanaian clergy not to make unnecessary religious statements, lest one inflame tensions between groups and cause conflict. Lest another sect or religion take offence, the good “Apostle” encouraged Christians rather to focus on building a better society and a more stable government.

On one hand, you have those who were faced with death for the confession of Christ Crucified, and they persevered to the end, not fearing the one who has power only over the body. They received the blessed rest eternal.

On the other hand, you have a so-called “Apostle” telling his people not to make a good confession, lest they offend others and unbalance their idea of a peaceful society. What will the fruit of this confession be?

For my money, I pray that the Lord would grant me the kind of Easter the Kenyan students had, someday, and I pray that He would keep me from the false peace that comes from a weak or watered-down confession.

Lord, keep us steadfast in Thy Word.

Curb those who by deceit or sword

Would wrest the kingdom from Your Son

And set at naught all He hath done.

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

Christ is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!


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